About The Kemetic Empire

The Kemetic Empire is a Human Rights Organization. Our mission is the up-liftment of humanity through liberation and empowerment.

Liberation is defined in civil law is “the extinguishment of a contract, by which he who was bound becomes free and liberated”. In the common definitions it is the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression; release.

freedom from limits on thought or behavior.

The organization was established in 2003 by Diallo-Sekou. For several years the group has been involved with social issues in Jacksonville, fl. Savanna, Ga to Ferguson, Missouri. The group has self-published books, sponsored Lectures & Dvd’s. The Kemetic Empire believes in a strong and consistent presence in the community. If we are to insure the youth we believe in them and we are here for them, we cannot be fleeting in our efforts to liberate them out of disadvantage to the empowerment arena. It is our efforts to build sustainable concepts while extracting the negative conditions hampering the community we are set in. It’s important the This group has strong partnership and relationships with the people and organizations who want to change the poor conditions to a better one. Our strongest partnership today is the non-profit Urban-Geoponics. They are making great stride on the agriculture side of things.

We are not incorporated in any form or fashion nor do we wish to be incorporated. Our business is with the poor and disadvantaged. The Kemetic Empire structure is set “human upliftment” not for profit or nonprofit. We organized, Strategize, Demonstrate, propagate, we protest, Door knock, we are the think tank and the “do tank.” We set up what the For profits and non-profits should execute on according to our agenda. We are unapologetically the voice and defender of the poor and disadvantage.

We realize for the African-American community to ever have some real hope of competing in the world today, they must have a true economic base. It is from an economic base any nationality in America has forced political issues, and social issues. While the African-Americans go un-heard and untouched. Through galvanizing a local area, one block at a time we can begin the process of real progress and turning neighborhoods back to community’s thus having a beautiful environment for children to be raised up safely in.

The Kemetic Empire principles are rooted in Noble Drew Ali, Marcus Garvey, El hajj Malik El Shabazz ( Malcolm X), The Black Panther Party (‘60’s) Dr. Martin Luther King, The SCLC & The principles of Ma’at and so many men and women living today . We would be doing them and ourselves a disservice by not actually executing the successful aspects and research they have laid before us.

Immediate Programs to look forward to

Sankofa Saturday

Conversations With Our Daughters

Manhood Training: Rite of Passage

Immediate Initiatives:

The Sankofa Initiative:

The Sankofa Cultural Center

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