More than 2,800 people remain in shelters a week after the devastating flooding that wrecked homes across south Louisiana.

The Department of Children and Family Services announced the latest figure Monday.

The storm and its flooding have damaged an estimated 60,000 homes and forced thousands to seek temporary housing with relatives, friends or shelters.

More than 106,000 people have registered for federal disaster aid, with the state saying $20 million has been distributed to individuals so far.
Immediate needs Fairly new if not new Children’s clothes. Most wear uniforms. Hygiene Items & Gift cards.
We have 7 family’s we will “adopt.” All other items will go to the general public.
One of the family’s 9 Head of Household)- T. Johnson
Her sizes: Top- Large Bottom- 14
Shoe size- 8
Her Son name- M. Johnson
His sizes: Top- 4x Bottom- 42
Shoe size-12
Second family | T. Johnson
His sizes: Top- Large Bottom- 32-31
Shoe size- 9

His Daughter name- T. Johnson
Her sizes: Top- m Bottom- 12
Shoe size- 8

This operation to Baton Rouge is to assist in helping family’s and individuals get back on their feet. The city of Baton Rouge is very close with The Kemetic Empire , like other city’s around the country. Our base , Jacksonville , Fl. we will fund raise for 2 weeks starting today the 22nd and leave Sept. 3rd to deliver all we gathered. www.thekemeticempire.com | Ishmael Muhammad is the Director of Operations 904.535.3931 You can donate here. https://www.paypal.me/TheKemeticEmpire operationbatonrouge

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